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These are the most extraordinary times any of us have ever experienced in our working lives. As I look across our client base and LinkedIn I see behaviors that vary on a spectrum from panic to statespersonship.

Different times require different leaders. Without a doubt strong, considered and compassionate leadership is required in challenging times. Those who may be a great leader when times are good may struggle to provide direction and clarity when things get more difficult.

We’ve run Lonsdale Solutions for over 10 years and always focused on providing our clients with Project Leadership.

What does that mean though?

Project leadership is a capability that goes beyond Project Management. It is the ability to quickly synthesise information and provide clarity to clients, teams and stakeholders and enables project leaders to act as a wayfarer, directing towards desired outcomes.

Why am I writing this post?

We know that our dedicated team have some unique skills and experience that in uncertain times, such as these, can quickly help identify the path ahead and overcome obstacles that might be in the way.

And, if we can, we’d genuinely like to help.

If you, your team, or anyone you know currently needs help with:

  • Coaching on effective management of remote workforces

  • Program / Portfolio planning & prioritisation

  • How to compassionately and efficiently shut down a program

  • Quickly aligning ‘new normal’ strategy with your current Program or Portfolio

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Project review

Please reach out to us.

We’re experts in doing this. It can be done remotely.

We are also offering pro-bono assistance to businesses that are, through no fault of their own, facing some dire circumstances. We have taken the decision to allocate an amount of time to help these clients at no cost. If we can help, please talk to us about your situation and please share this post with your networks so those who might need this help may see this.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to listen and provide free and impartial advice.

Nick Flynn

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