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Lonsdale Solutions is now a Certified B Corporation!

A Certified B Corpation is a company that operates under the highest standards of social and environmental practices for the benefit of all its stakeholders and the planet. B Corps seek to find a balance between profit and purpose, and to ultimately use business as a force for good.

Since we started Lonsdale Solutions, we’ve always believed strongly about providing a consulting services our clients can trust, that genuinely solves for real challenges, and balancing this with our values to support our people, the community and the environment. We’re one of only a handful of Australian consulting companies who are B Corp certified and one of 350 B Corps in Australia. We went through a rigorous independent review process over 18 months where our business operations were scrutinised including how we run our company, how we treat our staff, how we treat our customers, how we help and support our community and how we help the environment.

“While I’ve always been committed to running a sustainable and ethical business, going through the rigorous B Corp certification process showed me that there were still many areas where Lonsdale Solutions could improve and everyone involved needed to live by B Corp standards and practices every day. Trust is the most critical component in any Consulting relationship and being a B Corp verifies that we do what we say, and it has helped us become a better company.” Mike Walters, Managing Director.

A few things that have helped us gain B Corp certification include the fact we are carbon neutral through off-set credits, and consciously minimise our environmental footprint; we commit a portion of our annual profits to our philanthropy program that supports those disadvantaged, which is run by our employees; we preference local and underrepresented suppliers in our own procurement; support our employees with a suite of benefits and training opportunities that help them achieve their career goals; and we are active in building, and fostering a diverse and inclusive culture where people can be their full selves at work. There is more we can do, but it’s a start.

We think doing good is doing good business.

We’re proud to join the B Corp community. Beyond Consulting, this is about being part of a movement that makes our planet a better place to live. Thank you, as always, for your continued support and reach out if you want to know more about our journey.

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