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B Corporation  


Certified B Corporations (B Corps) are a global movement of purpose driven companies using profits as a means to a greater end; to create positive impacts for their employees, economies, communities, and the environment. The B Corp community works toward goals including reduced inequality & poverty, a better environment, stronger communities and the creation of high-quality jobs.  


It is a rigorous process to become Certified B Corp that includes analysis and change across an organisation’s entire value chain, and completion of a B Impact Assessment which is externally audited to verify a minimum score is reached to qualify. A commitment is enshrined within our Company Constitution to be a purpose-driven company which aims to create benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.  


We embarked on this process because it aligned with our values and what we believe in.   





Each year in July our employees come together to discuss and develop our philanthropic strategy for the coming financial year. We commit 3% of each Consultant’s revenue to charitable giving each year. We’ve deliberately tied it to revenue to ensure our commitment is kept regardless of company performance; and to creating a direct link between our Consultant’s fees and their impact to change the lives of others.  


Our charitable giving strategy & approach is owned by our employees and aligned with what they collectively feel passionate about.   



Ethical Business & Social Impact 

We act ethically and authentically in all our business dealings and expect the same of the companies and suppliers we work with.  


Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets our expectations of the suppliers we engage, and we are deliberate about our preference for working with local businesses, and diverse companies that are owned by underrepresented populations, including indigenous enterprise.  


We work with companies of all sizes, and will always try to provide our expertise including through pro-bono, volunteer or board work for those who might not otherwise have the means to access our skills. 





We take ownership of our environmental impact and aim each year to reduce our environmental footprint. We preference suppliers who share our commitment for the environment through their own products and practices and are deliberate in our choice of energy efficient office-space and zero waste targets. Each year we estimate our carbon footprint and purchase carbon off-set credits with an aim to be carbon neutral.  


We look for exceptional people who are passionate about their work and who strive to always help their clients create new value.

Our values are central to everything we do:

High performing

We provide the drive that enables our clients to create new value


We’re personable

We provide independent authentic advice


We’re proud of our craft

We’re experts and strive to provide world-class project delivery services


We believe in building relationships

We put our clients first and commit to finding the right solution

A career with Lonsdale Solutions can be as unique as you are. You architect your career and we’ll be there with you to help enable those aspirations. We support learning and development programs, conferences, external training, relevant study support,and membership of professional bodies. We provide coaching and mentoring to all our people.

We’re a social team and love to come together regularly to share a meal or some drinks together. We always celebrate success and milestones and you’ll get a gift voucher on your birthday.

We understand flexibility and actively support it. We’re always happy to consider options that will support a healthy and productive work-life balance so you can be your best in and out of work. You can even purchase additional leave if you need it.

So if you want to work in a supportive environment of similar high performing individuals why not drop us an email or see our current career opportunities on LinkedIn

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